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I'm keen to extend the membership Toonartist gave me at Christmas, so I've decided to modify this donation pool to see if I can get the points necessary to do so.

If I can improve my art production process I may look at doing simple, basic, cheap points commissions but I will cross that bridge when I feel ready.

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    Donated Aug 18, 2014, 7:06:50 PM
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Tagging + Updates

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 7, 2015, 3:16 PM


I got tagged by :icong4mm43t4: so:

1. You must post these rules
2. Share 10 facts about yourself
3. Answer the 10 questions by the person who tagged you and make up questions for the people you tag
4. Choose 10 people and put 10 icons in their journal like
5. Not something like "You're tagged if you read this."
6. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
7. No tag backs
8. You can't say you don't do tags
9. You must make a journal entry no comments

Ten Facts

1. As mentioned before, despite spending the vast majority of my life in England, I primarily consider myself to be Canadian with British being my second nationality. However...
2. I love British swear words like "Bollocks", "Wanker" and "Bloody Hell" and I'll admit I use any excuse to use them in a sentence. However it does annoy me if someone tries to sound British by using them as it often sounds forced and doesn't have a natural flow, as if the person has heard the word but doesn't necessarily understand what it means or how best to use it.
3. I spent a large portion of my life training in martial arts. I stopped training around 08/09 as I felt it had run it's course and was clashing with other directions for my life but I do sometimes feel like going back to it.
4. I'm a collector. If you come to my apartment you'll see a wall of Funko Pop vinyls, various plastic and vinyl figures of the TMNT, Lego, manga (mostly One Piece volumes), graphic novels, comics, DVDs, games spanning as far back as the PS1 and other such stuff. Plus that doesn't include the boxes of merch I've not brought over from my mum's to mine. When I was discussing downloading games vs purchasing, a friend of mine said "Pete's a collector. You should see his apartment.".
5. I tend to prefer sweet tasting things to more bitter ones. As a result I'm more of a cider drinker than a beer/ale one (that and SO many bad hangovers from nights on beer...) and these days I tend to favour spiced rum, bourbon or whiskey and coke as my drink of choice. However...
6. I also love spicey food, especially if it's Mexican. Granted I prefer more mild, sweeter, flavour filled curries but if I'm cooking a chilli I try to make it as hot as possible.
7. I have green eyes, which is something I believe is quite rare, especially in men. I've had a few exes who've been somewhat captivated by them and view them as one of my stronger features.
8. When I was younger I wanted a body like Bruce Lee; sleek and tonned without too much mass. However my body is more one for putting on bulk and mass; great if I'm doing a lot of training and weight lifting, less so if I slack off but still continue to eat a little too much.
9. I rarely get enough sleep, which is probably why I like coffee so much.
10. My father loved strong coffee and I've often joked I've genetically inherited his tolerance to strong coffee.

Ten Answers

1. if a bear approaches you, do you distract them with a Pink Floyd inspired interpretive dance or a magic show?
I'm not familiar with Pink Floyd so the second one. Plus my mum reminded me of how much I loved magic when I was a kid.

2. driving a taxi or piloting a plane: which one should a koala pursue as a carreer?
Flying a plane. a) Koalas are assholes and b) they tend to sleep a lot (hence why they're often assholes) so I'd rather have one in the air where a co-pilot can control them rather than on the road being a hazard to other drivers. However I want one no-where near my cousin who's training to be a commercial pilot!

3. a wild insurance salesman appears, what did you do to defeat it?
I utilise the power of the aforementioned martial arts skills I have honed over the years.

4. do you have a dream car?
Yes and I am currently driving it.

5. suddenly you are a surgeon in the middle of an operation, how do you reach for the snack just out of arms reach?
If I have a spare scalpel I fashion a harpoon using it and a piece of string. If I lack a scalpel to spare I'll ask an assistant. If I lack an assistant I wait; the hunger shall drive my will to get the task done swiftly but with efficiency.

6. if you saw your favorite fictional character walking toward you on the street, what would be your first reaction?
"Holy shit! It's an anthropomorphic samurai bunny rabbit... I should probably keep my distance."

7. quickly, where are your keys. wait that needs to be a question. did you loose your keys?
I once left my house keys at work (they slid under my keyboard), drove home, went to the gym, got some shopping then realised they were missing so had to drive the 20 odd miles back to the office to get them and then the 20 odd miles back. Now I keep my keys in a little pot and have never lost them since.

8. if your most beloved thing became intertwined with your deepest fear, would you buy me a ice cream or a soda?

Ice cream as some sodas taste a little different in England (Dr Pepper is a good example) and may not be quite what you're used to. Plus they may not have a soda you like here.

9. look to you left then right then right in front of you. what is the name of all 3 things you just looked at. now pretend that was a question.
Wall, sofa, sketch book.

10. when was the last time you even, like sometimes?

Earlier today after I got home from work and before I had dinner.

Ten Questions

1. How's your year been so far?
2. Were you fooled by any good AFD jokes last week?
3. Is there a TV series, film, game, album, book or something similar you're looking forward to later this year?
4. Are you omnivore, pescetarian, vegetarian or vegan?
Are you fond of partaking in "It's so bad it's good", i.e. watching films like The Room or Sharknado to enjoy how bad they are?
6. Is there a celebrity that everyone seems to like/love but you can't stand?
7. If we were hanging out in a pub/bar and it was my round, what would your alcoholic drink of choice be?
8. What genre of music do you like the most?
9. Have you ever "adopted" an OC, be it through purchasing with actual money or inheriting it off someone else?
10. Is there something you'd like/are planning to accomplish/achieve before the end of the year (i.e. going on a specific holiday, finishing a specific book/piece of artwork, getting married etc.)


:iconcmbaggs: :
iconTyphoon-The-Hybrid: :iconstacinadia: :icontoonartist: :iconcytoscourge: :iconkoimii: :iconbubblejuicebox: :iconpactmaker: :iconakeemsam: :iconzakkido:

Friend Features

I decided to keep the friend feature from the previous journal to help generate a little more traffic for my friend. I'm aiming to change these every couple of weeks to a month or so rather than every week, to try and give friends I plan to feature in the future a chance to produce more amazing artwork.

As I said before, I've known Typhoon-The-Hybrid for a little under nine years now. We met on an old Sonic sprite comic site called Sonic Boom, where I had joined as "Staff" after losing some of my previous "homes" for one reason or another. He approached me, saying he was a long time fan of my work and asked if I had an avatar character he can use for the sites banner. One thing lead to another and a strong friendship was born. While sadly, despite us both living in England, we've never had the chance to meet up and have a piss up of epic proportions he's still a good friend and someone I always try and chat with whenever either of us have a moment. I'm a big fan of his art style and have enjoyed watching it grow over the years, and I hope 2015 will see him produce many amazing pieces :D

Insanity by Typhoon-The-HybridGalvatron by Typhoon-The-HybridAdrianna Corsack by Typhoon-The-HybridThomas the Hedgehog by Typhoon-The-HybridMirror by Typhoon-The-Hybrid

  • Listening to: Space Dandy opening theme
  • Reading: Dune
  • Playing: Super Smash Brothers & Wonderful 101
  • Drinking: Water


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I am an beginner/amateur artist looking to improve his skills and develop his own cartoony style. I tend to focus more on original characters than anything else but may branch out when my skills are better.

Are you reading an interesting book(s) at the moment? 

5 deviants said Yes (please comment)
No deviants said No, I don't read books

Journal History

Amazing Art By Amazing People

A collection of SFW gifts, trades and commissions of my OCs from some of my friends on DA :D

Snow Theora
Snow Theora - BIG File by HeroPill: Snow Theora : Cryokinetic Avatar : by CMBaggsSnow Theora by EnresPawcanada's Snow by korymisunSnow Theora by toonartistArt trade - Snow Theora by ZAKKIDOCommission 4 PawCanada by BubbleJuiceBoxCommission- pawcanada by PactMaker

Norika Olivian (formerly Noir Odonic)
Trade: Noir by BigDead93Noir Odonic by toonartistNoir - You Called? by CytoscourgeNoir Working Out by CytoscourgeCommission 4 PawCanada 3 by BubbleJuiceBoxQueen Bee by StaciNadia

Mewrah Weapon
The Aeroblade (Line Art) by PactMakerMewrah Weapon - The Aeroblade by PactMakerMewrah by toonartistMewrah Weapon by Reliusmax

Janine Odonic
Janine Theora by MariusLorca

Shinken Orange by toonartistGreen Lantern Silrun by toonartistGokai Violet Ranger by toonartist


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