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I'm keen to extend the membership Toonartist gave me at Christmas, so I've decided to modify this donation pool to see if I can get the points necessary to do so.

If I can improve my art production process I may look at doing simple, basic, cheap points commissions but I will cross that bridge when I feel ready.

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    Donated Aug 18, 2014, 7:06:50 PM
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I am an beginner/amateur artist looking to improve his skills and develop his own cartoony style and a preference for original characters.

To answer the questions I most frequently get:
  • No, I will not commission you nor become your patreon. I flat out don't do patreon, especially when content is locked behind a paywall and I prefer to message an artists I want to work with, rather than be approached.
  • Yes, you can draw my characters, although if possible I would like to know what you have in mind. I've seen people's OCs get poorly handled when used by someone else and try to avoid the same happening to mine.

For anything else, please see my FAQ

February Update

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 31, 2016, 10:31 AM

Bloody hell, it's nearly February already?!

Update - Modified the copy I wrote for Ephea's back story to make it flow a little better and fix some typos. Further teaks may be added. Also added in the first Ephea picture for this month's challenge to the "OC Challenge Archive".

Ask Me Anything

I know I've done these from time to time in the past and I always find it fun seeing what (if anything) people want to ask me, so go nuts. It can be anything with regards to me as a person, my characters, my art, how I want my artistic journey to evolve etc.

Character Updates

My good friend toonartist has recently uploaded the pictures from the fifth and sixth waves of of commissions he's done for me. As with the other "waves", toonartist has offered his take on some of the characters I've created and adopted over the last few years. His take will serve as the main inspiration for their design although I may make a few tweaks myself when I come to draw them, depending on my own inspirations.

Morgan Elianja by toonartistZoey Rogen by toonartistWind Fiend Monicha by toonartistCeleste Syrian by toonartistRaiden Thompson by toonartist

Fujin Mewrah by toonartistSuper Snow by toonartist

Edit - And apparently we've been friends on Facebook for a year today; yay!

February's Character

As I mention in my last journal, I've decided to "bump forward" one of my lesser used OCs, Ephea Pearl/Asheth.

Ephea Asheth by toonartist

Created back in 2008, towards the tail end of my "Caracal007" account/stage in my life, Ephea was intended to serve a relatively minor purpose and as another possible love interest for Silrun. During my spriting days I came up with a possible plotline where Reilly arranged for his son to get married to "Tifa Blade", a minor OC made by my friend Tom. However as I didn't own the character and with what I had in store, I felt it wasn't an appropriate use of my friend's OC and created Ephea to fill a similar role. At first Ephea was heavily inspired by "Euphemia" of Code Geass, mainly down to her having pink hair, a similar name and being a princess but due to her being created towards the tail end of my 2008 creative phase I never really took the character any further. Last year, during a chat with toonartist about one of his possible projects I suggested he could Ephea along with a few other characters, and after seeing his version of her I decided I wanted to bring her back into my own work.

Ephea is the only child of a royal family (which has recently been retconned to be/named as the "Pearl Royal Family"), and along with her father was constantly in awe with the exploits of the legendary hero Reilly Pepin. After he saved the kingdom from a threat, Reilly was granted the chance to meet King Pearl and the two became fast friends. It was through this friendship that Ephea and Silrun met and became childhood sweethearts, although they would separate not long after. At some point, roughly in the middle of the story, Reilly and King Pearl would reveal that they'd arranged for their children to get married - with Reilly hoping such a marriage would help focus Silrun on his duty as a leader and his successory (this was before the "Avatar of Ra" angle) - and Silrun would meet the now grown up Ephea. Old feelings were quickly rekindled as the two once again fell for each other and as they were getting reacquainted after so long, Ephea would get killed (aka "Girlfriend in the Refrigerator", although it was only recently I realised I'd fallen into this trope), an angle mainly done to drive Silrun into a "dark phase" and side with his uncle against his father.

Like before Ephea is both a princess and a possible bride for Silrun. While at first Ephea and her father idolised the Pepin family but later would feel betrayed after they fail to come to their aid and stop someone (possibly Lord Havoc) from destroying their kingdom. Managing to be the only survivor of her crumbled Pearl kingdom, Ephea swears revenge on the entire Pepin family. This level of will also gives her the ability to almost immediately overcome the Sound Demon after she finds herself possessed by it, becoming the Sound Daemon. Her powers have also been a lot of fun to work out and play with, but I'll be keeping that hush hush for the time being ;). I'm also planning on tweaking her design a little from the version you see above, mainly with regards to the colour palette, hair and weapons, but the core design will stay the same.

And now for some trivia:
  • As with others like Mewrah and Norika, Ephea has drawn some inspiration from Final Fantasy characters. After reviving the character I decided to modify the design with elements from FFII's Maria, namely from the "Dawn of Souls" artwork that accompanied the 2004 GBA port. This design tweak has also lead to her favourite colour being lilac.
  • I envision Ephea as being a "darker" alternative to Mewrah and in many ways a "What could have been" had things played out differently. In turn I envision Ephea having a similar body shape to Mewrah, albeit due more to her surviving on the run. Her power, Sonokinesis is also an ability Mewrah used to have although I envision Ephea using it in a different fashion.
  • At the moment Ephea is the only character who uses a ranged weapon - a bow and arrow. Everyone else uses a melee weapon.
  • There's a strong likelyhood that Ephea will marry "Tameto Asheth" (hence why some pictures call her "Ephea Asheth"), a character who's based on the "Ace Strife"/FF fan fiction version of Silrun. Recently I wanted her to have a maiden name and decided on "Pearl". This initially came from a character my friend Tom recently created who was loosely based on his old OC "Tifa Blade". After Tom scrapped the character and due to Ephea's connections to her, I asked if I could use the Pearl surname.
  • In Tom's work, "Havoc" was also known as "Harry Blade" and was Tifa's father. Although my version of Havoc will be very different, I'm strongly considering making him the one to destroy her kingdom as a "Mythology Gag" or "Continuity Nod" to my friends old work.
  • The "Demon Element Sound" is created by combining the elements of Wind and Metal. I got the idea for this recipe partly from an episode of Kill la Kill and also due to my experience playing a brass instrument.
  • Due to her powers, I envision Ephea being extremely good at music. She uses her abilities to manipulate her singing voice to sound perfect to any who listen and while she does have to spend some time practicing with an instrument, it doesn't take her long to master it. I also envision her using music to help her make money as she roams the lands.

OC Challenge Archive

December - Theora "Snow" Daemond

Theora 'Snow' Daemond - Stairwell Battle (mk4) by pawcanadaTheora 'Snow' Daemond - Stairwell Battle by pawcanada

January - Mewrah Wilson
Mewrah Wilson - Aeroblade (coloured wip) by pawcanadaMewrah Wilson - Aeroblade by pawcanadaQuick Sketch - Bikini Mewrah Wilson by pawcanada

February - Ephea Pearl/Ephea Asheth
Quick Sketch - Beachwear Ephea Pearl by pawcanadaCollab - Ephea Pearl by pawcanadaEphea Pearl - Sonokinesis (Tradtional) by pawcanada


As I've said before, I'm hoping to draw characters for other people in the months to come. These won't be as high on my priority list due to my "Monthly Challenge" being my main focus but I will try to work something out. As someone who loves other people's OCs, I am keen to draw these characters and dip my toes in other people's ideas. Currently I have in mind:
I'm open to expanding this list with one of your characters if you're interested, although I do ask for it to be a female OC for the time being.

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Reading: Dune Messiah
  • Watching: Rurouni Kenshin
  • Playing: Xenoblade Chronicles X
  • Drinking: Water

What should I focus on during my time off for March? 

4 deviants said Continue with the "OC Challenge"
2 deviants said Draw some ecchi/topless pictures
1 deviant said Draw some of your "Art For Others"
No deviants said Draw more beach/swim suit pictures

Journal History

Amazing Art By Amazing People

A collection of SFW gifts, trades and commissions of my OCs from some of my friends on DA.

Silrun Pepin
Silrun Pepin by toonartistRa-Silrun by toonartist

Yuno Imzadi
Yuno Imzadi by toonartistHephaestus-Yuno by toonartist

Norika Olivian (formerly Noir Odonic)
Trade: Noir by BigDead93Noir Odonic by toonartistNoir - You Called? by CytoscourgeNoir Working Out by CytoscourgeQueen Bee by StaciNadiaNorika Olivian by KanjuCommission- pawcanada (2) by PactMakerOperation Norika - Sketch by CytoscourgeDancer Norika - Commission by akeemsam

Mewrah Wilson (formerly Mewrah Weapon)
Mewrah for Pawcanada by korymisunThe Aeroblade (Line Art) by PactMakerMewrah Weapon - The Aeroblade by PactMakerMewrah by toonartistMewrah Weapon by Reliusmax

Theora 'Snow' Daemond (former Snow Theora)
Snow Theora - BIG File by HeroPill: Snow Theora : Cryokinetic Avatar : by CMBaggsSnow Theora by EnresPawcanada's Snow by korymisunSnow Theora by toonartistArt trade - Snow Theora by ZAKKIDOCommission- pawcanada by PactMakerSnow on Ice by StaciNadia

Janine Odonic
Janine Theora by MariusLorcaJanine Odonic by toonartist

Violetta "Velvet" Newent (formerly Violet Newent)
Violet Newent by toonartistVelvet -Commission- by ReliusmaxViolet Commission by akeemsamCommission - pawcanada (3) by PactMaker

Hazel Newent
Hazel Newent by toonartist

Adrianna "Amber" Corsack
Adrianna Corsack by toonartist

Ephea Pearl (maiden name)/Ephea Asheth (married name)
Ephea Asheth by toonartist

Giomitri Pepin
Giomitri Pepin by toonartist

Felicia Pepin
Felicia Pepin by toonartist

Vandim Pepin
Vandim Pepin by toonartist

Dean 'Deathrose' Maxwell
Dean Deathrose Maxwell by toonartist

Shinken Orange by toonartistGreen Lantern Silrun by toonartistGokai Violet Ranger by toonartist


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