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Who Is Noir Odonic/Olivia Maroon?

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 13, 2014, 2:20 PM
Update 23/07/2014 - As I mentioned in this poll -…, I am strongly thinking about re-naming Noir Odonic to Olivia Maroon. Without going into too much detail (you can see my complete thoughts on why in the poll), I feel Noir doesn't really fit her anymore; it's a colour I associate with darkness which isn't really something I feel Noir/Olivia really connects with more. I am keen to hear what others think (either here or as a discussion in the poll) as I do appreciate a name change after being stuck to one for so long may seem strange to some people.

Update 17/07/2014 - Upon re-reading some of the copy I've decided to make a few revisions, as well as flash out some of the relationships (or finish ones I accidentally left half finished). Future revisions are likely but may depend on comments, feedback and opinions people leave.

After discussing Noir/Olivia with HeroPill earlier today I decided it was time to finally create the "Who Is Noir Odonic/Olivia Maroon" journal. As with previous "Who Is..." journals, it is likely I will make revisions based on feedback or if I feel I can better phrase an aspect of or add to her.

Name: Olivia Maroon (formerly known as Noir Odonic)
Age: 34
Species: Human with super human abilities
Abilities: Telekinesis and Telepathy. The former manifests in a pink/fusha/magenta coloured aura that covers her hands and whatever she is manipulating when used.
Weapon Of Choice: None. Olivia is more as a "zoning" character, relying on her psychic abilities to keep people at bay.
Personality: Authoritative, strict, bossy, realistic and attempts to remain down to Earth but at times can be easily annoyed (especially by Snow). Olivia is also the "femme fatal" of the group and has been known to use her appearance and sex appeal to manipulate others. Olivia also previously had a stuck up, arrogant, egotistic, everything-revolves-around-me attitude valley girl when she was growing up and while she has since tried to evolve beyond that attitude, there have been times when it reappears.
History: Originally the only child of wealthy and influential parents, Olivia grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was used to getting what she wanted, when she wanted and having people throw themselves at her feet in an attempt to either date her or be part of her exclusive social circle. She was so used to the idea of being the center of attention and not learning to become self-dependent that she had no way of knowing what to do or react when it all came tumbling down around her.

Her mother, herself a beautiful woman, had caught the eye of the Sun God Ra. One evening when Olivia was 13, Ra assumed the form of her at the time away father so he could enter their home and trick her mother into sleeping with him. This not only lead to Mrs Maroon becoming pregnant with Janine but the presence of a God within the household caused Olivia's latent psychic powers to emerge. When her father returned home and learned of what happened, particularly as her mother's pregnancy starter to develop at a rapid pace, their marriage broke down and Olivia watched as her father walked away, unable to forgive his wife for what she had done. The lifestyle Olivia had been so used to and comfortable with had crumbled down around her, which was made worse by her developing psychic powers. with no self-dependence or way to properly understand and control them, Olivia found herself randomly reading the minds of others, randomly manipulating them to do bizarre things and on a few occasions came close to mind wiping some. Her telekinetic powers also lead to her causing random items to get flung around, making it difficult to find places to stay for prolong periods of time. All seemed lost until she heard rumours that the legendary hero and warrior, Reilly Pepin, had begun searching for people with powers, magical capabilities or just generally how the potential to be skilled warriors to help develop and train them. For the first time she showed a degree of independent thought and self preservation, Olivia decided to run away and seek out this mysterious group, hoping they would be something more than a mere rumour.

After much searching Olivia eventually found the warrior academy and was able to join it. Over time she learned to better control her abilities as well as losing the selfish, egotistical “valley girl” attitude she'd had all her life. This change in personality also lead to her starting a relationship with Reilly’s foster son Yuno as well leading to her to grow within the ranks of the academy. When Reilly's son Silrun decided he wanted to venture off on his own, Reilly approached Olivia and encouraged her to leave and join his son's group - which also consisted of Yuno and Mewrah - to watch over his sons and report back anything he should be aware of, all the while giving Silrun the impression he had achieved independence. This, combined with the authoritative style attitude Olivia had developed does lead to her swiftly becoming the head of the “household”, but the secret of her technically spying on Silrun and Yuno burned within her, especially as her relationship with Yuno grew serious. While she was doing this to help a concerned father, Noir also feared they'd feel betrayed if they ever learned the truth.

Relationships: Due to Reilly's help, Olivia holds him in the highest esteem which is why she borderline loyally follows his commands even if they leave her feeling a little uneasy. It also started to prove difficult when she began developing feelings for Reilly's foster son Yuno, a man driven by determination to prove to himself in the eyes of everyone. Their relationship quickly grew to a romantic, intimate one.

Thanks to Ra's hand in destroying her home life, Olivia is initially apprehensive around Silrun due to him being Ra's avatar. However due to her respect for Reilly, growing relationship with Yuno and realising that Silrun ultimately wants noting to do with Ra she later learns to let it go and view him as a person rather than a slave. Also as her relationship with Yuno - who takes it upon himself to protect Silrun from nearly anything - grows stronger, Olivia finds herself also caring for and wishing to look after Silrun in a similar "big sister" style fashion.

However the same could not be said for Janine, who, while an innocent bi-product of the trickery Ra played upon her parents, is still tainted in Olivia's eyes. When the two later meet again Olivia flat out refuses to talk to or acknowledge Janine's existence. Olivia also has some difficulty living with Snow due to a clash in their personalities, particularly as Olivia tries to be reasonable and down to earth while Snow can become stubborn and set in her ways. This is also made worse when Snow and Janine form a romantic relationship.

Behind the Scenes:
Olivia initially began life as the cliche "Sonic re-colour", namely a take on the character Rogue the Bat with dark grey fur and deep red clothes and details. Originally named Noir, Olivia was created when Robotnik spliced together DNA of Rouge with Shadow to create a new lacy and was named Noir due to it being the French word for black. When I decided to switch my creative style back to human based OCs, Olivia (still called Noir) was the second character to receive the update and became a focal part of my art during 2008. The character underwent some changes such as green hair, inspired by conversations between my friend thompsonakatom and myself, before later giving her dark blonde hair, inspired by the character Milly from “Code Gease”. My memory of Code Gease is admittedly limited but from what I can remember Milly's figure and personality bore a similarity to what I had in mind for Olivia and like a few other friends at the time, felt borrowing ideas from Code Gease for my own characters was a good idea.

I'll admit I have struggled with trying to expand upon Olivia as a character for a while, no only coming up with a backstory for Olivia but also making sure there is more to her personality than just her being a femme fatal. At times I find it difficult thinking of the best way to write female characters without unintentionally making them come across as one dimensional/not fully developed, or make myself look like I'm misogynistic (which I appreciate may be the case in some people's eyes due to my fondness for nudity in art). After initially coming up with her backstory and expanded personality, I also felt the name "Noir" didn't initially fit as well with the character and after some thinking, decided upon "Olivia". As Olivia Odonic wouldn't really work I did consider Maroon, to keep the Odonic surname but thompsonakatom suggested Olivia Maroon sounded better.

I am also ashamed to admit that Olivia herself had been quite the victim of "creator exploitation" as during the 2008 period she tended to get naked quite often and was sometimes portrayed as being bisexual so I had excuses for yuri art involving her. This is something I look back on with quite a degree of shame as, while I appreciate I was in a different (and arguably bad) head space at the time, I still feel exploiting my character the way I did is not something I should be proud of. While my current viewpoint is a sign that I have hopefully learned from my mistakes and grow because of them, there is still a small degree of stigma in the back of my mind when it comes to her and my desire to move away from my bad choices.

Fun Facts:
:bulletred: When trying to come up with a new name I settled on Olivia after being inspired by her blonde haired appearance that then lead to me thinking of the colour yellow, dark yellow - as her hair is more of a dark blonde, olive - which is sometimes used as a name for dark yellow and finally Olivia. Maroon was chosen due to it being a "secondary" colour for her.
:bulletred: Originally, due to a relationship I had with a blonde woman that ended badly, the idea of making Olivia blonde didn't sit well with me. Feeling the grey hair she initially had would make her look older than intended I instead decided to revert her hair colour back to green which she had for a very short period of time before I settled on blonde. However CMBaggs suggested against this, pointing out Snow's blue hair as a side effect of her transformation could make her more unique if other characters had normal coloured hair and this made me decide to keep Olivia's hair blonde. As I'm always fond of putting in nods and "Easter eggs" to my old ideas (even if I'm the only one who gets it) I chose to change Noir's previously red eyes into green to honour of the previous hair colour.
:bulletred: While I have yet to draw her wearing it, I consider the design toonartist did of Olivia to be her main look as opposed to the one I have done.
:bulletred: Olivia and Yuno have always had a "Will they, won't they?" relationship prior to Gen 7. I decided to make them a couple from the get go due to the Zoe/Wash relationship from Firefly and how Joss Whedon wanted to have a couple married from the start and tell stories with that element rather than building up to it.
:bulletred: In one possible future, Olivia and Yuno would have a child named "Saruna". I've yet to decide if this character would make a come back.
:bulletred: Initially I didn't want to make Olivia telepathic, instead having her control people using pheromones like the first Spider Woman. Olivia could also manipulate psychic energy and like the X-Men Psylocke, could fashion them into blades.
:bulletred: I have considered keeping Olivia's bisexuality but at the same time have been put off due to the tainted memories of when I "abused" that angle.

Art of Olivia
Generation Seven
Regular/Main Look

Drawn before the Olivia Maroon re-name
Telekinesis by pawcanadaWaiting for the Sun (rough sketch) by pawcanadaNoir Odonic by toonartistCommission 4 PawCanada 3 by DeeRazzyNoir - You Called? by ConvolvolusTrade: Noir by BigDead93

Alternative Designs
Noir Working Out by Convolvolus

Pre-Generation Seven (when she was called Noir Odonic)
Noir Odonic Mark 4 by Caracal007.: Human Noir Odonic :. by Caracal007CHIBI COMMISION - NOIR by IDarkShadowIMewrah and Noir XD by Enres12th Sketch - Noir ... by rurouni26

Previous "Who Is..." journals
Who Is Snow Theora?Edit 19/06/2013 - This journal has been edited with some revised phrasing on her History and two new sections - Relationships and Fun Facts. I am doing this as I intend to make this a template for all future Who Is ___ journals/character introductions. I have also updated the image list with a few more and broken them down into "Generation Seven" and "Pre-Generation Seven".
When I started work on the Snow Reference sheet all those weeks back, my intentions were to make some tweaks to the character and then write up a full background/personality/abilities/etc. list for the character. However as Cryokinesis, the "child" of that sheet developed I instead decided to focus the artists comments on the process of the picture and giving thanks to everyone who helped me during the "development" and instead do a journal dedicated to her.
Name: Snow Theora; formerly known as "Theora the Diamond Thief"
Age: 525 (her age



pawcanada's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I am an beginner/amateur artist looking to improve his skills and develop his own cartoony style. I tend to focus more on original characters than anything else but may branch out when my skills are better.

So I'm thinking of re-naming "Noir Odonic" to "Olivia Maroon". What are your thoughts? 

4 deviants said I think Noir Odonic sounds better
1 deviant said I think Olivia Maroon sounds better
No deviants said I think ______ sounds better

Journal History

Amazing Art By Amazing People

A collection of SFW gifts, trades and commissions of my OCs from some of my friends on DA :D

Snow Theora
Snow Theora - BIG File by HeroPill: Snow Theora : Cryokinetic Avatar : by CMBaggsSnow Theora by EnresPawcanada's Snow by korymisunSnow Theora by toonartistArt trade - Snow Theora by ZAKKIDOSnow posing Cute by Maddysu86Commission 4 PawCanada by DeeRazzy

Noir Odonic
Trade: Noir by BigDead93Noir Odonic by toonartistNoir - You Called? by ConvolvolusNoir Working Out by Convolvolus

Mewrah Weapon
The Aeroblade (Line Art) by PactMakerMewrah Weapon - The Aeroblade by PactMakerMewrah by toonartistCOM: Mewrah by KoimiiMewrah Weapon by Reliusmax

Shinken Orange by toonartistGreen Lantern Silrun by toonartistGokai Violet Ranger by toonartist


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