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pawcanada has started a donation pool!
39 / 2,396
I'm keen to extend the membership Toonartist gave me at Christmas, so I've decided to modify this donation pool to see if I can get the points necessary to do so.

If I can improve my art production process I may look at doing simple, basic, cheap points commissions but I will cross that bridge when I feel ready.

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    Donated Aug 18, 2014, 7:06:50 PM
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    Donated Apr 21, 2014, 11:09:26 AM
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pawcanada's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I am an beginner/amateur artist looking to improve his skills and develop his own cartoony style and a preference for original characters.

To answer the questions I most frequently get:
  • No, I will not commission you nor become your patreon. I flat out don't do patreon, especially when content is locked behind a paywall and I prefer to message an artists I want to work with, rather than be approached.
  • I'm happy for you to draw my characters, but I would like to know what you have in mind. I've seen people's OCs get poorly handled when used by someone else and try to avoid the same happening to mine.

For anything else, please see my FAQ

Hiatus/Block Still Ongoing

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 15, 2017, 1:14 PM

So my plan to get something done by the middle of July has, sadly, not quite come to fruition. To be fair, the last couple of weeks have been a little more hectic than I'd have liked with various social events, bouts of anxiety and feeling a little low/unmotivated, migraines, headaches and even a spat of food poisoning/a stomach bug that lasted for nearly a week. In fact, this is my first weekend without any form of social activity in my calendar or sickness to mess up an otherwise free day.

Though chats with both Nocturnaliss and Tuntalm I think I narrowed down why I get into this block - I didn't give myself some time off. The more I think about it, the more I realise I should have taken a break after my project to allow me some time to relax and rest after finishing something that lasted for around seventeen or so months and ended up burning myself out. While I have been struggling to get the motivation to pick up a pencil, when I get the odd spurt of inspiration and desire to draw (often at times when I can't), I find now I'm more drawn towards doing simple one off sketches, rather than starting a piece I'll be working on for the next month or so.

I have been doing my daily sketches, only missing a few due to extenuating circumstances and on a few occasions I've found some great poses in either books or pose sheets that I feel could be turned into "full" pictures. I've also been working with a number of artists like Doujio, RedRidah, Keem-Toon, kagato007, kaeveris and richten, commissioning them to help me re-design some of my OCs, as well as getting their help in making new ones, and my hope is to start drawing new pieces of my characters soon to help bring these ideas together. I've also been meaning to draw some kind of beach/swimsuit/nsfw pin up pictures as well. It's something I've wanted to do for years and feel "down time" like this would be a great chance to get some of them done. I also still plan to do all the gift art pictures I promised, but I want to get past this block first.

Skin by SimplySilent

July Update

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 28, 2017, 7:42 AM

Writing this a few days early, mostly as today is the last day of my time off from work. I do feel a lot better, though more of the days ended up being busier than I expected so I didn't rest as much as I'd have liked. That being said, I did sleep for around eleven/twelve hours last Wednesday so I know I've been needing this time off. I also made no progress in terms of art during my time off. Part of that is due to how busy I was on certain days and needing others to sort some things or recover. Even then there were a few times where I feel I could have drawn something but it just didn't happen and I instead played some games or just watched some videos online.

Birthday Thanks

A big thank you to all the the birthday wishes, be they on dA or other social media platforms. I'd also like to take a moment to thank kaeveris, StaciNadia and WALKINGDEADMANN for drawing/offering to draw birthday pics for me. I greatly appreciate all of you doing so :D.

Saffina by kaeveris Pkmn S/M - Thank You by StaciNadia

Mature Content


Mature Content

Lady Snow Color Flats by WALKINGDEADMANN

The birthday itself was a fun day, with an out of town friend coming to stay with me during the weekend and some of my local friends joining us for board games. It lasted well into the night but as my friend had an early train, I was quite sleep deprived the day after. I hadn't seen my friend since New Years so it was good to catch up with him.

My Break and Future Art

I am hoping to get back on the horse soon. I still want to draw the Alexis picture for RedRidah and start working on some new pictures of Snow, showing both her updated design - which will draw influences from work done by Doujio and richten, as well as the newer design toonartist drew for me a while back and has been draw by others like kagato007 and Zitruseis. I also really like how WALKINGDEADMANN drew Snow's hair in the above pictures, so expect that to influence her design moving forward.

As for the break itself, I'll admit I do feel refreshed and like I have some of my inspiration and energy back. A big thank you to Nocturnaliss for her support in the weeks leading up to my time off. I'm still trying to work out exactly why I "broke" to begin with. I wonder if it was simply due to my day job and how draining that can be from time to time. I certainly felt burnt out in the weeks leading up to my time off, so it's possible it was related to that, but on the other hand I've found my creativity hasn't declined during similar periods in the past. Perhaps my current approach to drawing has run it's course, leading me to wonder if it's time to revise how that works in favour of something else to help keep drawing fresh for me. After all, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. We'll see. I do like my "one digital pic a month" as I don't trust myself to get motivated without some kind of deadline to keep me on track.

Skin by SimplySilent

June Update - Possible Break

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 6, 2017, 1:49 PM

As the title says, I may be taking a break for the remainder of June.

Put simply, I've not been feeling inspired recently. It's hard to fully explain why but I think I've mostly been tired and burnt out, mainly due to work but also perhaps the weather. I'm not a big fan of excess heat, so this time of year is never overly comfortable for me. Combined with me living in a ground floor (or first floor in some countries) apartment, sleeping with the large bay windows open obviously isn't an option, especially as friends have been able to climb in through them when they've come to visit. On top of that I've been feeling very burnt out from work due to the constant pressure and workload that my team faces, especially when I'm expected to drop everything in favour of an "urgent" issue, regardless of how much work it is and/or if it means I'll have to stay late. Thankfully I have some time off starting on Wednesday and outside of getting some work done on my car and an out of town friend visiting I don't have much planned.

I've been chatting about this with the ever wonderful Nocturnaliss and we both agree that this is likely the cause of my depleted inspiration, as well as my fear of making something bad and being unable to fix it (which applies more to traditional than digital), making me unmotivated to pick up the pencil and draw something. She's also suggested it's possible my current process of traditional to digital with little room for anything else may have done more to curb my desire than I expected has helped me burn out. My approach has also been to "hit my head against the wall, and if I get dizzy, have a nap until I feel better, then try again" which is another way of describing the definition of insanity. Finally, she also pointed out that I may be in my rut because I'm trying to draw what I feel I have to, rather than what I want to. Often side picture ideas I have get pushed onto the back burner in favour of my "main picture" which could be another reason why my approach may have contributed to my burn out.

So what DO I want to draw? Honestly, I'm not sure. After getting back into Breath of the Wild after a good month to six weeks break, I finally made my way to where the Gerudo are. This lead to me thinking that Morgan's Amazonian tribe could perhaps be desert based, allowing me to give them some Arabian elements as well. I've been wanting to re-design Morgan for a while, modifying her trousers and both changing up her weapons (I'm thinking a scimitar) and colour palette so that may give me some new options, as well as what to do with her sister Aleria. I've also been thinking quite a bit about what to do with the Sunlight Fiend Sinxtor. I have some possible clothes lined up for her and, as I want to start commissioning artists to draw her in the not too distant future, it would be better to have at least a concept sketch.

And I do still want to draw Alexis and the other Gift Art pictures. RedRidah has been an all round amazing artist, both in turns of his own support as well as the excellent commissions he's done for me (I should probably feature them soon). I'll get more into it when I come to draw them, but the last few he's done for me involve him either modifying or re-designing some of my OCs, with his rendition being the "ground work" for future pieces I and others will draw. I can't explain how grateful I am for all the amazing work he's done more me so I definitely want to say my thanks by drawing Alexis and his other OCs in the future.

However, all of that will likely have to wait for a few more days as I want to relax and regain some of my energy.

I can't believe it's already June... This year is flying by and it also means it'll be my birthday soon.

Ongoing Projects

The second gift art piece, kaeveris' Ysemea is done and I have to say, outside of a few niggling issues, I'm happy with how this one turned out.

Gift Art - Ysemea by pawcanada

There are a few mistakes I made to her design, such as how I drew the braids so I would like to draw her again some day to try and rectify that.

Next up is Alexis for RedRidah -

Mature Content

Hiding from the rain with Alexis by RedRidah
. I mostly plan to stay close to his design, though we have discussed modifications he'd make to her design. I plan to include them in the piece I'll be drawing, as well as maybe a few changes of my own. RedRidah has also given me a pose suggestion -  Alexis-reference by pawcanada - and I'm looking forward to working on a more casual, non action focused pose. This will also be the last Gift Art picture I draw few a few months, as I want to draw some of my OCs again soon. A number of artists have helped me re-design Snow slightly and I'm really keen to produce a new picture of her to show it off, but I'll go into more detail when I'm ready to start work on it.

Side Projects

I'd also like to do more simple "Preview" pictures of my OCs, similar to Season 2 Preview - Amber Blake piece I did a few months. I plan for these to have simple poses, as the focus is more on the design of the character and providing a reference for others to work with, something Nocturnaliss has suggested I do. Part of my problem with more complicated poses is if limb placement or the way the body faces causes aspects to be obscured from the viewer. As I like to commission artists to draw my OCs, I want a single "Here is everything you need" picture people can work from, rather than saying "I want you to take A from picture 1, B from picture 2, C and D from picture 3....". And in turn this will allow me to start playing around with more adventurous poses without worrying about blocking an element of their design.

I may also look at starting a doing some kind of beach pin up pic. If you've seen the work artists like DarklyWhite, kaeveris and Shadako26 have done for me, you'll know I love the idea of seeing my OCs wear swim suits, regardless of how much skin is on display. I've seen a few artists out there do "Various characters in swim suits" projects and I've always wanted to do one myself, perhaps with other artist's OCs as well. Whether or not the characters will be topless or not remains to be seen (especially if I draw other people's characters). I'd be tempted to draw them wearing a full swim suit and either do a separate, topless picture or if I re-draw them digitally, a topless variant on that.

I do see these pictures are more "filler images", for the evenings where I don't have the energy and focus to work on my main picture, or maybe as "warm up sketches" before working on a project or to simply relax with a pencil and paper. I will be having some time off for my birthday so it's possible I may be able to focus on some of them as well but if past weeks off are anything to go by I'll likely find myself sleeping in to try and catch up on lost sleep and last minute changes to my plans will eat up my time, so I'm not holding my breath.


Inspired by Nocturnaliss, I've decided to start my own WordPress page to store information about my OCs - I'm hoping to expand it to include information about my world as well, such as it's history, a glossary and other elaborations and explanations. I'm in the middle of writing up an entry for Snow, though I put it on hold a few weeks ago. I've also been recently talking to Jeriv about my world so I may post some of the details I've written to him.

Skin by SimplySilent

If I did a second "OC Interview", who should be interviewed? 

3 deviants said Norika
2 deviants said Camilla
1 deviant said Mewrah
1 deviant said Paru
1 deviant said Amber
1 deviant said Zoey
No deviants said Ephea
No deviants said Janine
No deviants said Morgan
No deviants said Someone else (please comment)

Journal History

Amazing Art By Amazing People

A collection of gifts, trades and commissions of my OCs from some of my friends on DA.

Silrun Pepin
Green Lantern Silrun by toonartist Silrun Pepin by toonartist Ra-Silrun by toonartist

Yuno Imzadi
Yuno Imzadi by toonartist Hephaestus-Yuno by toonartist

Mewrah Wilson (formerly Mewrah Weapon)
Mewrah for Pawcanada by korymisun The Aeroblade (Line Art) by PactMaker Mewrah Weapon - The Aeroblade by PactMaker Mewrah by toonartist Fujin Mewrah by toonartist

Norika Olivian (formerly Noir Odonic)
Trade: Noir by BigDead93 Noir Odonic by toonartist Noir - You Called? by Cytoscourge Noir Working Out by Cytoscourge Queen Bee by StaciNadia Norika Olivian by Kanju Commission- pawcanada (2) by PactMaker Operation Norika - Sketch by Cytoscourge Dancer Norika - Commission by Keem-Toon

Theora 'Snow' Daemond (former Snow Theora)
Snow Theora - BIG File by HeroPill : Snow Theora : Cryokinetic Avatar : by CMBaggs Snow Theora by Enres Pawcanada's Snow by korymisun Snow Theora by toonartist Art trade - Snow Theora by ZAKKIDO Commission- pawcanada by PactMaker Snow on Ice by StaciNadia Super Snow by toonartist:thumb605831449: Commission: Snow by Zitruseis

Reilly Pepin
Reilly Pepin by toonartist

Dirk Jedrov
Dirk Jedrov by toonartist

Paru Mariposa
Gokai Violet Ranger by toonartist

Ephea Pearl (maiden name)/Ephea Asheth (married name)
Ephea Asheth by toonartist The lovely Ephea by Keem-Toon

Giomitri Pepin
Giomitri Pepin by toonartist

Felicia Pepin
Felicia Pepin by toonartist

Vandim Pepin
Vandim Pepin by toonartist

Dean 'Deathrose' Maxwell
Dean Deathrose Maxwell by toonartist

Zoey Rogen
Zoey Rogen by toonartist

Nephilims - children of Gods and Humans
Janine Odonic
Janine Theora by MariusLorca Janine Odonic by toonartist

Morgan Elianja
Morgan Elianja by toonartist

Miguel Syrian
Miguel Syrian by toonartist

Wind Fiend Monicha
Wind Fiend Monicha by toonartist

Shinken Orange by toonartist

Credit to for the Scroll Widget Code



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